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Under Wisconsin's concealed carry law, an employer can prohibit an employee from bringing a concealed weapon into the employer's premises but not from having the weapon in their vehicle in the company's parking lot?


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A Shift in LIRC's Worker's Comp Decisions: What Does the Data Say?
Anecdotally, people within the worker's compensation community feel there has been a change in LIRC decisions lately. Statistics from LIRC do suggest that there have been some notable changes in decision patterns over the last few years. While the trend of the changes may be as expected, the extent of the shift is surprising.
2016 Worker’s Compensation Act Changes: Violations of an Employer’s Alcohol or Drug Policy
The spring of 2016 brought three notable changes to the Worker's Compensation Act, including apportionment of permanent partial disability and new exceptions to the Brakebush line of cases. The third change of note is a statutory revision impacting the treatment of benefits payable when an injury is the result of a violation of an employer's drug and alcohol policy.


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